Has Humanity Lost its mind: Is it Time for Planet B?

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The question which is being asked is, “Is it Time for Planet B?” (Video: https://vimeo.com/763421741 and https://vimeo.com/763152017); it seems that the quest is in the air, and on everyone’s lips; this is primarily due to the sense of an impending imminent doomsday—the demise of human race. This doomsday scenario has already been put forward by the Late Professor Stephen Hawking; in fact, he pointed out: “humanity might have as little as 100 years before needing to leave Earth.” In other scenarios eco-scientists point out that the situation does not have to be so dire, they declare that we should proactively take care of this world’s ecosystems, so as to sustain the environment.

About the authors

S. Jheeta

Network of Researchers on the Chemical Evolution of Life (NoRCEL), Leeds, LS7 3RB, UK

Author for correspondence.
Email: sohan@sohanjheeta.com
Russian Federation

Oleg Kotsyurbenko

Yugra State University, Russia

Email: kotsor@hotmail.com
Russian Federation

D. Smith

Network of Researchers on the Chemical Evolution of Life (NoRCEL), Leeds, LS7 3RB, UK.

Email: dave.smithathome@gmail.com


  1. Jheeta S., Chatzitheodoridis E., Dominik M., Kotsyurbenko O., Laine P., Palacios Pérez M., Torres de Farias S., McGrath K., Rezaei A., Nyambuya G., Gupta V., Changela H., Bhatt M., Simpemba P., Gustafson L., Medina M., Godoy-Faúndez A., Nelson N., Nielsen J., Smith D. The Blue Earth Project: “Is Humanity Settling its own Fate on Ecological Survival?” // Environmental Dynamics and Global Climate Change. 2022. Vol. 13. - N. 1. - P. 49-58. doi: 10.18822/edgcc108267.

Copyright (c) 2022 Jheeta S., Kotsyurbenko O., Smith D.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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