Vol 4, No 2 (2013)

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Notes on the ecology of Ascocoryne turficola (Ascomycota: Helotiales) in West Siberia

Filippova N.V., Bulyonkova T.M.


Species with rare occurrence are a target of biodiversity monitoring and protection programs. Ascocoryne turficola is such a species, known as rare from European countries, North and South America. Currently it has been found in 4 locations in the Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous region of Russia (West Siberia). In present paper, the occurrence of A. turficola was estimated in an ecosystem typical for the area - the ombrotrophic bog. The preferred types of bog communities were studied on 20 plots with the total area of 4600 m 2. Total number of encountered apothecia was 104, first collections were done in August, 29, and the last in mid-September. From four investigated communities, A. turficola was found in two (lawns and hollows in ridge-hollow complex), and absent in treed pine-dwarfshrubs-sphagnum bogs. Large lawns revealed higher density of ascocarps, ranging between 2.7 and 16.5 apothecia per 100 m 2. Mean value of ascocarps density for both types was about 4.8 apothecia per 100 m 2. According to floristic classification, inhabited communities are classified in three associations: Hepatico-Rhynchosporetum albae, Scheuchzerio palustris-Sphagnetum cuspidati, and Eriophoro vaginati-Sphagnetum baltici (class Scheuchzerio-Caricetea ). Most collections of A. turficola made in the first association, where the fungus has small, turbinate apothecia, located at the surface of sphagnum covered by liverworts. Apothecia growing in Scheuchzerio palustris-Sphagnetum cuspidati arise among sphagnum with longer stem attached to submerged litter of different graminoids. The species shown to be regular in ombrotrophic lawns of the area, according to the studied location.
Environmental Dynamics and Global Climate Change. 2013;4(2):1-6
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Wavelet phase-frequency analysis of climatic variables from the results of deep glacial drilling in Antarctica

Alekseev V.I.


Significant correlation dependence between climatic variables obtained by the analysis of the cores of ice of Antarctica was calculated. Two types of antisymmetric laws of distributions of variability of phases of climate variables were set using multiscale one-dimensional continuous wavelet transform and differential laws of distribution of the wavelet phase transformations of climate variables. The first group includes the ranks of variability of deuterium (temperature), the thickness of ice and sea level, with a positive asymmetry, the second group is a series of variability of insolation, methane, carbon dioxide and atmospheric dust with negative asymmetry. Calculation of differential distribution of differences of wavelet phase-frequency characteristics of series of temperature and greenhouse gases, (ϪT°-CO 2, ϪT°C-CH 4), and series of carbon dioxide and methane (CO 2-CH 4 ) in the historical time intervals between 800 and 422 thousand years up to now in general and time intervals are set in 100, 105,5 and 400 thousandth time intervals in which the average growth phase of temperature is ahead of the growth phase of carbon dioxide and methane, and the phase of growth CO 2 is ahead of the growth phase of CH 4; the time intervals in which these conditions are not met were set. It was set that ahead of the growth phase of temperature phases of growth of greenhouse gases is oscillatory and not periodically at all levels of periodicities of climate variables. Also it was set that ahead of the growth phase of temperature phases of growth of greenhouse gases on average in long intervals of time series of climate variables.
Environmental Dynamics and Global Climate Change. 2013;4(2):1-18
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Novoe otechestvennoe issledovanie emissii metana iz bolotnykh ekosistem severnoy chasti Zapadnoy Sibiri

Glagolev M.V.


Интерес к изучению цикла метана и получению точных количественных оценок интенсивности процессов эмиссии и поглощения этого газа на границе почва-атмосфера обусловлен высокой значимостью изменения содержания СН4 в атмосфере для предсказания тренда глобальных климатических изменений, стремлением к более глубокому пониманию фотохимических процессов, происходящих в атмосфере Земли и необходимостью управления запасами органического углерода на планете [Mikaloff Fletcher et al., 2004]. ...

Environmental Dynamics and Global Climate Change. 2013;4(2):1-13
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Otkrytoe obrashchenie v redaktsionnuyu kollegiyu zhurnala «Dinamika okruzhayushchey sredy i global'nye izmeneniya klimata»

Naumov A.V.


Уважаемые издатели и члены редакционной коллегии журнала «Динамика окружающей среды и глобальные изменения климата». Мир вокруг нас динамичен и разнообразен. ...

Environmental Dynamics and Global Climate Change. 2013;4(2):1-3
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Otvet na «Otkrytoe obrashchenie» A.V. Naumova: I. O retsenzii na avtoreferat O.A. Mikhaylova

Glagolev M.V.
Environmental Dynamics and Global Climate Change. 2013;4(2):1-10
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